Monday, September 29, 2008

Sense of Entitlement - A rant of sorts!

"In clinical psychology and psychiatry, an unrealistic, exaggerated, or rigidly held sense of entitlement may be considered a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

So lets look at what this really means: laziness with an unjustifiable increase in self-worth that somehow becomes everyone elses problem. Folks, lets call laziness what it is and quit trying to redefine it as socialism.

I have a real problem with the loony liberal stance that believes the government knows best how to run our society and that a large socialistic and controlling government is better than a small government with a strong capitalistic stance. Socialism has failed miserably in every sense of the word throughout the world. See for yourself that it doesn't work.

How in the hell can everyone be so blind to not recognize that our country has grown to be one of the wealthiest and most successful countries through capitalism. It's only been through the democratic leadership and socialistic type policies that we stand in economic turmoil. The Dems try to give hand outs to everyone because they feel it's best. Well, I am sick and tired of making sacrifices for my country (10 honorable years in the United States Navy), working my ass off to graduate college to better myself and my family, obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to get a solid and stable job - when all I had to do was stand in line with my friggin' hand out! WTF!

We have become a nation of whiners, who are so politically correct in every statement made for fear of offending someone - you know what? SCREW THAT! I don't like liberals/socialists. They are ruining our country. Not only that, I don't like the fact that illegal aliens are in my country and are allowed to work and collect benefits for which they do not pay taxes and do not contribute to in any way. I don't like the fact that I can't pray to my God in school, but any jerk with a koran can kneel and scream to allah to reward him with 40 virgins if he suicide bombs a bunch of innocent and unsuspecting women and children. It's ok for other people to not like Americans and our ways, but by allah, we had damn well better like everyone else. Oh, I forgot, somehow that must be my fault.

I am proud of my country and the fact that I am a free man protected by my constitution and the sacrifices made by so many soldiers of past. However, I refuse to see a bunch of whiny liberal dems ruin this great nation and if you read this and are not as pissed off as I am, then you are no better than they are. Do something about it now! There are many things we can do, such as quit electing idiots to set policy in our country!

Remember that the Declaration of Independence states we have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". This does not mean we have the right to be happy! It does mean that we have the right to pursue happiness. This means if you live a life of hard work and are a good contributing citizen then you can find happiness. Our country owes no one anything. We are a country of individuals connected by a belief of freedom. My freedom is not defined by a government that runs and controls everything, nor by people like Nazi Pelosi, Hanoi John Kerry or Richard Turban Durbin who want to pass the fairness doctrine. Folks lets get real here. These people have one goal in mind - to rule this country! They are not interested in serving the people's interests, but in serving their own interests. People, it's time to wake the hell up and quit electing these idiots who are no more qualified to run to the store than they are to run a country.

I will close my little rant session by posing this question: Why in the hell is Barney Frank and Chris Dodd not in an orange jumpsuit behind bars?

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