Friday, December 12, 2008

"Really Hard Times a Coming" by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

(Thanks also goes to my Father-in-law, Bert, who was kind enough to forward this to me.)

The nation is currently in the beginning of a financial dilemma. Ever since the founding of the nation over 200 years ago we have had similar hard times. There were recessions in the 1800s. There were boom and bust periods in the 1900s. However there is one unique factor that makes this current malady seem more severe to the masses.

From 1800 to 1900 the federal government was busy building a nation and fighting a civil war over individual rights. If an individual wanted something, they worked for it. Individuals without any goals simply went through their life without any rewards. In this respect, nothing has changed.

From 1900 to 2000 the nation fought two world wars, and two undeclared wars. The economy experienced a financial depression in the 1930s and subsequent recessions every few years after. Economic boom and bust are natural cycles like global climate changes. After the financial depression of the 1930s it was not political spending schemes, but a world war that got the nation's economy back on its feet. Massive spending on arms brought the nation back to productivity. After the war the United States was the only industrial base that had not been destroyed by the war so the rebuilding dollars continued to flow.

In the great depression of the 1930s the American population learned to take care of themselves. Times were extremely hard and millions of families were hungry, but they survived without food stamps and welfare payments.

In the 1960s America's government lead by President Johnson, the Democrat Party and willing Republicans passed liberal compassion legislation. Never again would anyone go to bed hungry as long as there was potential tax dollars in some other person's wallet. Americans have been indoctrinated for the last sixty years to look to their government to provide for all their wants. However the American government produces absolutely nothing and only has the ability to redistribute assets from one individual to another.

In the following decades until the end of the century, the American government continued to increase the governmental assistance programs to the general population simply to curry political favor with the masses. Now with the complete national education system in the hands of future socialist the population is taught that it is the responsibility of the United States government to take care of everything from cradle to grave.

Gainfully employed or not, individuals are encouraged to get food stamps. If you want to live in a nice house, individuals are encouraged to get a mortgage guaranteed by the federal government. Families with children are encouraged to send them to a government school where day care services are provided and they will be fed while there.

In prior years when economic times were hard, individuals found ways to survive by using their God given brains to figure out a solution. They cut back on their acquisitions, they found ways to save, they found second jobs, and they became more selective in their purchases. They bought a pair of twenty dollar tennis shoes instead of a hundred dollar designer pair. If they wanted to be entertained, they went to the public library and checked out a good book instead of spending $10 on a movie rental.

When the bread winner got laid off from his job, he found another job, even if he had to relocate to another part of the country to work. Ever wonder if an experienced Michigan auto worker could find a job at a South Carolina or Alabama assembly plant? If a worker got laid off from a $40 per hour job, he did not hesitate to take a part time job for minimum wage to feed his family and pay his rent. This is called personal integrity and acceptance of responsibility.

If help was available, it was appreciated, but it was not assumed to be there. As it has always been in the history of the world, the only safety net was the individual themselves. Individuals with a goal somehow always managed to achieve their goal while individuals waiting for someone else to take care of them continued to flounder in the unpleasantness.

During this great media and liberal policy depression of 2008 plus, three groups will emerge.

1. The political elite that are protected by the party politics as in the old Soviet empire of the last century. This group never suffers as long as the party stays in political power. You can see them on television every night telling the masses how they are going to make it better for them.

2. A group of self sufficient individuals that will actually get ahead because they will not accept the equality BS of the party politics. This group will do whatever it takes to survive and will actually get ahead because of their ability to think for themselves and not depend on anyone else for their personal responsibilities.

3. The masses of aimless, poorly educated, individuals that will stand around holding their hands, and wait for their government to fairly and equally provide for their needs. This group assumes that it is their government's responsibility to take care of them. Really hard times are coming for this group, but their hard times will be shared equally.

Which group will you be in?