Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's 50 lies

I find it interesting that people will listen to a politician and just blindly believe the filth, deceit and blasphemy that spews from their villainous traps. Why is it that so many refuse to listen to actual facts that are presented, yet will stand and cheer when someone makes statements and accusations that are completely unfounded and outright lies? My feeling is that it has more to do with wanting the person they cheer for to be right regardless of if they actually are.

I have this little mantra I like to use as the situation suits..."Just because you say 'it' doesn't make it so!" (You can fill in the 'it' with whatever is appropriate) What does this mean? - If you are five feet tall, you can spend your whole life saying you are six feet tall but it doesn't make you six feet tall.

At any rate - I like to research the rhetoric spewed like fire from these politico dragon types to verify if the fire they breath is actually capable of burning or if it's just 'smoke' and mirrors. The fortunate thing for me is that there are many resources to search and scour. Here is a little example of the Houdini ism being performed by Obama.

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