Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It has been a while

OK folks, I know it has been quite some time since I have written. I took a bit of a hiatus to let things cool down and to see what direction our nation would head. From the looks of it, there is no way to discern which direction we are heading. It would seem like we are the one-legged duck swimming in a circle.

So here are some of my current lines of thinking...

Where does freedom come from? Who decides if a person, a region, a country is free? There is only one correct answer for this. It's the people...those who have chosen a life of liberties born a right to every man as a gift from God - not a gift from any man. It also goes without saying that freedom does come with a price (sometimes brutal and costly). However, freedom is not something to be voted on or debated. A nation's government is not the manager of 'freedom'. It is merely the support staff of the free people.

Too often, the United States government forgets that they are supposed to be SERVING this country, not ruling over it.

So, the next question is...Why? Why are they allowed to push the boundaries of what their support roles are? Because complacent people in our country are too soft, too expectant and taught to believe they are entitled. They need that spend-happy government to give them the things they are unwilling to work for themselves. This in turn creates a vicious cycle of greedy vote seekers willing to pander to the lazy cheese takers in exchange for votes. Life isn't about 'fair' it's about survival of the fittest and if we create a society of weak and whiny people, then we will perpetually weaken our ability to sustain and survive.

Despite what the individual issues or platforms are, there should ALWAYS be one root denominator that trumps all - maintaining our FREEDOM. If we sacrifice the security and safety of all for the purpose of comforting and providing for the few - then we shall all be sacrificed and nothing will be left - there will be no freedom.

This brings us to...What? What is the solution (notice that I did not say 'compromise')? In blunt terms, we need to quit worrying about hurting feelings and trying to make everyone happy. It's not possible anyway. What we need to do is raise our children with discipline, learning to respect others, understanding that it is OK to believe in God, in their country, in their families. Teach them that hard work, determination, sticking together and forming meaningful lasting relationships is what binds the fabric of a free society. This does not happen near enough in our generation.

We must search deep within ourselves and find that grit and determination that our fathers and grandfathers found every single day of their lives. We must decide that we want to find our identity again. We have rebelled long enough against what we know is the right way to live our lives. It's time to come home to our free America. Mother liberty is ringing her bell - it's time her prodigal son returns.

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